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Students’ spend 50% of their programme in practice and hence learning in practice is a core part of the programme. A new Practice Assessment Document (PAD) was introduced by all the 9 universities that have London commissions in 2014. This document is being used by students from all four fields of nursing and for all programmes leading to registration. An understanding of the requirements of the assessment process is crucial in ensuring a positive learning experience and in supporting students to develop the required competencies for registration.
A copy of the assessments documents can be found below. The documents are referred to as Parts and each Part reflects the NMC progression points. The same documents are used for the BSc and Post Graduate Diploma programmes and are slightly amended for the Health care support Worker programme, the Assistant Practitioner and APEL route. The Part 1 PAD is titled Adult though it is the same content for both Child and Mental Health.
Practice Assessment documents
Mentor and student guide
This document will provide the mentor, student and any other member of staff involved in the student experience with advice and guidance on how to use the PAD. Additional information regarding programmes at Middlesex University and issues related to the grading of practice can be found on the PPT presentation below. Link to mentor and student guide – which you have in publisher… which may/may not be a problem.
An overview of the PAD (Middlesex University)
Link Lecturer Role
A brief overview of the Link Lecturer is provided here. All practice areas should have the contact details of their link lectured displayed on a notice board in the area. If the LL cannot be contacted then staff/students should email the practice-based learning team
Raising Concerns:
This raising concerns policy applies to the following:
• students who wish to raise concerns regarding their ‘Learning Experience’
• students who wish to raise concerns regarding patient care e.g. safeguarding or personal grievances e.g. bullying, harassment or discrimination
• practice staff who wish to raise concerns regarding student conduct.
Evaluation process
The following Link takes you to the online evaluation tool being used by student nurses. Students are encouraged to complete this on return to the university though mentors/supervisors should also undertake an evaluation of the learning experience with their students
Educational Audit
This power point presentation provides an overview of the process and key people to contact if you have any queries. A copy of the audit tool is also included below: